Ayodhya Title Verdict: Disputed land given to Ramjanmabhoomi Trust; Muslims to get five acre of alternative land


Saturday (November 9): The demolition of mosque in 1992 was a violation of law, says the Bench. It orders government to provide alternative land for Muslims.

The Bench orders that the disputed land must be given to the Hindus. it orders the Centre to formulate a scheme within three months.

Muslims to get five acre of alternative land in a suitable prominent place.

Masjid not built on vacant land

Quoting the ASI report, the Bench says the underlying structure in the disputed site was not of Islamic origin, however the report does not support whether the temple was demolished, the Bench says.

The court also says the mosque was not built on a vacant land, as claimed by the Muslim parties.

There is clear evidence the Hindus believed Ram was born in the disputed site, the CJI say.

There is evidence that Ram Chabutra and Sita Rasoi was worshipped by the Hindus even before the British came. However, travelogues and gazetteers cannot be the basis of adjudication of title, the Bench says.

The mosque was neither abandoned nor seceded by the Muslims, the court observes.

Ayodhya judgement will be unanimous

In view of the Supreme Court’s verdict on the sensitive Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid suit in the history of India, at least 40,000police personnel have been deployed in Mumbai.

The situation will be monitored through drone units and live CCTV feeds from the police control room.

Mumbai had witnessed communal riots afterdemolition of the disputed structure in Ayodhya in December 1992 and January 1993.

“We are prepared to tackle any eventuality,” said DCP Pranay Ashok.

He said police are keeping a close watch on every activity in the city and will also deploy SRPF, Riot Control Police, Rapid Action Force.

“We are also monitoring online activities through our social media wing. We will block objectionable posts and content as need be to ensure that no rumours are spread,” the DCP added.

An official clarified that the Internet services are not disabled as of now.

“Police will take a call depending upon the situation,” he added.

When asked about declaring holiday for schools, the official said, “We have communicated to school education department. Some schools are already shut due to Diwali holidays while the decision about the rest will be taken according to the situation,” he said.

He clarified that section 144 of the CrPC which bars gathering of people is not imposed in the city.

Another official said restrictions on unlawful assembly of people were already in place in Mumbai from November 4 to November 18 under the Maharashtra Police Act 1951.



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